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Accommodation and studio space
Each selected artist is offered a private room with a mattress, pillow and sheets. This room can be used for working and sleeping. More space to work can be found elsewhere in the village, think of empty houses (depending on availability we could show you rooms suitable for working) and the surrounding fields and forests. 
Local transport
We drive up and down between Tsarino and Chorbadzhjisko regularly to buy groceries and materials. A ride or shop order is available upon request and according to availability. There are also two bicycles in Tsarino that can be used in agreement with the staff. Cycling to Chorbadzhijsko takes about 40 minutes, a walk 1,5 hours. It is a scenic route along a dirt road running through forests and fields. 
Available equipment
There is a basic set of hand tools present in Tsarino which can be used in agreement with the staff. 
There is no electricity network in Tsarino. We do have a solar charger providing electricity to charge batteries, phones, laptops and other electronic devices up to 500W. It consists of a solar panel, inverter, and battery, connected to which is a power hub with universal sockets (EU, US and UK plugs all work) and fast charging USB ports. The battery, once full, can be taken out and carried around. We also have an extra car battery which can be charged. The amount of energy produced by the solar charger depends on the weather and can therefore not be guaranteed. However, in summer laptops generally charge within an hour. 
The mobile phone and internet network works in Tsarino, although the signal strength varies depending on the time, location and weather conditions. Wifi is available in the neighbouring village of Chorbadzhjisko.
We mainly cook over open fires in our communal outdoor kitchen (roofed). Meals can be enjoyed in the shade on the adjacent terrace, or indoors when it is raining or cold. We expect all participants to actively contribute to the organisation of daily needs, such as cooking dinner and washing up. We make use of a rota to divide the daily tasks.
There are three outdoor sinks with drinking water coming from a spring higher up the mountain. One is located inside the kitchen, one next to the kitchen and one next to the showers.
Toilets and showers
There are three outdoor composting toilets and two cold showers. It is also possible to use the wood-fired boiler to warm up water for up to 6 showers.
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